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Graphic 'Pictoplasma' exhibition wows Madrid

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Graphic 'Pictoplasma' exhibition wows Madrid

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‘Pictoplasma’ is a new graphic art exhibition in Madrid, featuring work from 20 international artists and illustrators.

From ‘Hello Kitty’ to ‘Emily the Strange’, these punchy motifs are part of a design heritage influenced by 1950s cartoons, folk art and the Japanese aesthetic, ‘kawaii’.

As curator, Peter Thaler, explained, the exhibition puts an onus on showcasing characters with a quality of presence that works independently of narration or context: “The exhibition is generally about very graphic characters ,and what they do best is that they communicate something small, something immersive, maybe it’s just a little emotion or that they are cute. It says ‘hello’, it’s very friendly, very open and very, very shallow.”

The exhibition’s centre-piece is a shrine devoted to Selim Varol’s vast collection of vinyl toys, many of them limited edition collector’s items.

The exhibition at Madrid’s La Casa Encendida runs until September 8.

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