Alter summit ends in Athens with rally

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Alter summit ends in Athens with rally

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Athens on Sunday is the focal point for all those in Europe who challenge the accepted wisdom of austerity, and have a vision of an alternative.

Political and social groups from across the continent have gathered in the Greek capital to discuss policy over the last two days, and today’s rally is a show of strength.

“We want to organise, to converge all the social movements at the European level to promote another Europe and say enough with austerity!”

“For many years we have been coordinating action against EU policies and we are trying to formulate alternatives to these policies that are imposed on our people,” were just two statements of intent.

The alternative summit has issued an “Athens manifesto” which calls for, among other things, cancelling fiscal pacts on indebted countries, a moratorium on debt payments, higher taxes on the rich, and more scrutiny on offshore accounts.