Internet spying tops the agenda at Sino/American talks

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Internet spying tops the agenda at Sino/American talks

Internet spying tops the agenda at Sino/American talks
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Cyber security was the major topic of talks between President Obama and China’s Xi Jinping.

A two day summit is being held at a luxury estate in southern California.

Obama says he welcomes Beijing’s ‘peaceful rise’, but said the rules of economic world order must be adhered to.

Recently America accused China of internet espionage …. this is being denied.

But speaking at a press conference, Obama was more circumspect.

“The issue of cyber security and the need for rules and common approaches to cyber security are going to be increasingly important as part of bilateral relationships and multilateral relationships.”

Tchee Jing Ping responded with a reference to America’s recent issues with internet privacy.

“[The application of new technology] … might create some problems for regulators and it might infringe upon the rights of states, enterprises, societies and individuals”.

Earlier this week it was revealed America’s security agencies were being given the phone and internet records of millions of people under a secret court order.

There were no major developments in this first day of talks in California, but it’s hoped a personal rapport will build between the two – something which was lacking between holders of both posts.