Gunman goes on the rampage in California

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Gunman goes on the rampage in California

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In California five people including the gunman have been killed and several injured in a string of shootings. Police have confirmed a man dressed in black went on the rampage in the town of Santa Monica.

The killings of the four happened in several different locations and a few miles from where President Barack Obama was attending a political fundraiser.

The gunman was shot dead by police in a community college library. It’s reported a second person is in custody connected with the violence.

One Santa Monica City College student gave his account of what happened.

“I heard a loud bang. But I didn’t think anything of it. So when I started to actually walk towards the library, I saw people running. So I was in panic mode. And a girl told me that I had to get off campus because there was somebody shooting. So I took off running with her.”

Santa Monica police say the exact sequence of what happened is under investigation and authorities don’t know of any motive for the killings. The Secret Service called the shootings a “local police matter”.