German mayor warns town as floods rise

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German mayor warns town as floods rise

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It has been called the ‘flood of the century’. The river Elbe has turned vast swathes of German towns into what looks like a huge swamp. The force of the deluge is now heading for the town of Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

Already the waters have reached record heights of almost seven and a half metres. The mayor spoke on television warning their flood protection was not designed to resist such levels and told the town to prepare for what could be a dramatic weekend. In some areas electricity has been turned off as a precaution.

Up to five thousand people have been evacuated as several dykes in some areas have started to leak. Emergency workers and volunteers have joined around 19,000 soldiers deployed to limit the damage. Rain forecast to fall during the weekend could prolong the critical situation in many of the worst hit areas.

But as that region battled with the flood waters it’s reported that in other parts of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic the waters have begun to subside.