France bans far-right extremists

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France bans far-right extremists

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France will ban two right-wing extremist groups, the ‘JNR’ and ‘Third Way’ following the death of a teenager during a brawl in Paris this week.

‘Third Way’ leader Serge Ayoub, who founded the group in the 1980s, was questioned by police today.

Seven people were arrested after the incident, two of whom were allegedly directly involved in the attack.

“There is no room in the Republic for those who deny its values. And we are very determined, and will act firmly, to tackle those who spoil its values. We owe it to the memory of the young boy killed in a heinous act driven by hate,” said French Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

19-year-old Clement Meric was with a group of left-wing friends in a shop when they taunted some skinheads, who left.

But the skinheads gathered outside with reinforcements, and when Meric and his friends left, they were set upon.

“This death was not provoked by a shock to the head when the victim fell to the ground, but from head and facial traumas caused by punches. It was a chance encounter; some left-wingers taunted some far-right supporters, and then they found themselves face to face in the street,” said Paris prosecutor François Molins.

At least one knuckleduster was used in the assault, which is now a murder investigation, and not one into accidental death.

Today the far-left is holding a protest demonstration in Paris over the killing, and against the far-right.