Turkey: Friday prayers in Taksim square

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Turkey: Friday prayers in Taksim square

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Friday in Gezi park in Istanbul, Muslims have held symbolic prayers for the two protesters and one policeman who lost their lives in the unrest which has swept Turkey since May 31.

As different groups unite around the anti-government protests, the EU has weighed in on the use of excessive force by the police. EU Commissioner Stefan Fuele speaking at an EU-Turkey meeting called for an investigation and for those responsible to be held to account.

The Turkish prime minister returning from a tour in North Africa early Friday morning said he would plow on with plans to redevelop Gezi park, the issue which sparked mass protests from a small environmental demo.

Those hoping to replicate the occupation of Istanbul’s Gezi park in Ankara’s Kugulu park were turned away by plain clothes officers. Protesters say the police warned they would have to charge at them if they refused to take down their tents.