Hungary strengthens its flood defences

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Hungary strengthens its flood defences

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Soldiers in Hungary are preparing their defences. The Danube has crossed the country’s borders threatening its worst floods. The waters are expected to reach an all time high in the border area on Saturday while they will peak in Budapest, the capital, at the start of next week.

The Danube is the continent’s second longest river after the Volga and in Hungary there are nine critical areas susceptible to flooding.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban watched the work to protect those areas. Media outlets say around a hundred people have been evacuated to date but the prime minister warned that in the worst case scenario up to 80,000 may have to leave their homes.

In Germany the Elbe river peaked at over four times its normal level in the eastern city of Dresden. It was not high enough though to damage the historic city centre.

The military and national disaster team have sent more support to shore up defences against the flooding, which has claimed the lives of sixteen people since last week.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged immediate help for those hit by the floods.