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Making meditation and yoga more flexible


Making meditation and yoga more flexible

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San Francisco’s Popexpert is a company that embraces the idea of “Sharing Economy”. Ingrid Sanders, the founder and CEO, wanted to learn more about meditation and yoga but found more of her time was taken up by travel and finding the right teacher, a problem shared by others. Her business enables potential teachers and students to interact and train over the internet, conducting classes via video-link at times to suit both. If for any reason the chemistry isn’t right students have the chance to find another teacher they feel more comfortable with, minus the hassle of enrolling with a number of other teachers, possibly further away.

She told euronews during LeWeb:

“The sharing economy in a lot of respects, I think, is transitioning us into new ways of thinking. In the older economic models a lot of the focus was on what you can buy or consume, in the sharing economy we have shifted and people are thinking a lot about what they can give. They are coming from a place of giving first rather than taking, I think it’s a really interesting transition.”

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