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Hire fashion, lower costs


Hire fashion, lower costs

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Fiona Disegni, CEO Rentez-Vous

French fashion rental company, Rentez-Vous, is an excellent example of the philosophy of the “Sharing Economy” in practice. CEO and founder, Fiona Disegni, explained to euronews that instead of spending £150 on a new dress for a special occasion, members spend £15 to rent an outfit from someone their size for the evening. This saving means fashion addicts can make use of clothes at the back of their wardrobe they rarely use and wear new clothes more often for a fraction of the cost.

The idea behind this year’s central theme at LeWeb, “The New Sharing Economy”, turns the principle of capitalism on its head, proposing consumer access to goods and services is more important than owning them. This is not a new idea and was created by a generation of entrepreneurs who understood the importance of doing well after surviving a series of crises. However, like any new idea this produces both challenges as well as opportunities, especially as most people’s natural instinct is to view any change from the status quo with suspicion and therefore resist it.

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