Depardieu in Chechnya for revenge in "Turquoise"

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Depardieu in Chechnya for revenge in "Turquoise"

Depardieu in Chechnya for revenge in "Turquoise"
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Gerard Depardieu, the French actor with the Russian passport, is in the Chechen capital to shoot his new action film.

“Turquoise” is a French-Russian thriller set in Moscow and Grozny. Depardieu plays a man on a mission to find and take revenge on his son’s killers.

Recently, much has been written in the press about the portly actor’s battle with the bulge and booze but the film’s producer’s have defended Depardieu’s professionalism and commitment to the cause.

Speaking on location, film producer Arnaud Frilley said:
“Gerard is in an exceptional physical shape, he’s lost 25 kilos, he’s exercising every morning, he’s drinking mineral water all day long.”

But Depardieu says it is not just mineral water and daily exercise that are making him feel comfortable in the Chechen capital.

“It’s great in Grozny. Everybody’s smiling. Girls are beautiful and the food is fabulous,” said Depardieu.

Depardieu is said to be loving his time in Grozny so much that he is rumoured to have asked for a Chechen passport to add to his growing collection.

Turquoise is scheduled to be released for its premiere in Russia in December 2013.

In other cinema news, Henry Cavill is readying to bear the burden of donning Superman’s red cape.

The British actor was lined up but eventually overlooked for Superman Returns, Warner Brothers’ last attempt to reboot the franchise.

This time director Zac Snyder is at the helm and the Man of Steel takes the story of Krypton’s last son back to the beginning…with a few twists.

“It’s an origin story. It has nothing to do with the other movies. It doesn’t fit into them at all. We are starting a new movie origin for ‘Superman’ and more than modern audience,” said Cavill.

The Man of Steel is set for worldwide release this month, the 75th anniversary of Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics in 1938.

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