'Syria is in free-fall', say UN human rights experts

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'Syria is in free-fall', say UN human rights experts

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War crimes and crimes against humanity have become a daily reality in Syria, according to a UN report.

Though the report accused both sides of abuses, it says the rebels actions did not “reach the intensity and scale” of those committed by the Syrian government.

Barred from the country, the UN inquiry is based on interviews with victims, medical staff and other witnesses.

On the subject of chemical weapons Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, Chairman of International Commission of Inquiry for Syria said: “The government has in its possession a number of chemical weapons. The danger extends beyond the use of the weapons by the government itself to the control of such weapons… it’s possible that anti-government armed groups may access and use chemical weapons. This includes nerve agents, though there is no compelling evidence that these groups possess such weapons or their requisite delivery systems.”

America has already said that confirmation of use of chemical weapons would be a ‘game changer’, indicating that international intervention could be on the cards.

From suspected use of chemical weapons, evidence of new massacres, sieges and violations of children’s rights, the UN experts believe that Syria is in free-fall.

They also highlighted the use of under-15s who are believed to be fighting for the rebels, 86 of them are said to have died in battle since the uprising began. The government is suspected of kidnap and torture of children.