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Blood is thicker than water for cop brothers


Blood is thicker than water for cop brothers

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Director Nick Murphy’s latest film “Blood” follows two policemen brothers, played by Stephen Graham and Paul Bettany, who kill the suspected murderer of a 12-year-old girl and end up having to investigate their own crime.

But Bettany says the inquiry itself in secondary: “You don’t really see any of the investigation in the film because it’s not what the film’s about. It’s not a police procedural, that’s not what moves the plot forward, it’s something other than that. So he basically got rid of it. I mean there are no, I think there is one pathology report or something like that you know and that’s it.”

Sentiments shared by director Nick Murphy who set out to make a cop drama with more than just a few twists and turns.

“It’s easier for people to get their heads round when I say thriller, but like anything, no good piece of work is just what it says and a good genre piece is always a prism through which you actually can project a more complicated light if you like. And yes of course, there’s huge Greek tragedy elements to it, it’s quite Shakespearian what with the issues that come to play through the narrative,” said Murphy.

Blood is on staggered release across Europe from June.

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