Turkey: Clean-up begins after weekend of riots

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Turkey: Clean-up begins after weekend of riots

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Calm has returned to Turkey’s streets after a night of violent protests.

Security remained tight with a heavy police presence as the start of the working week got underway.

Last night there were clashes with riot police into the early hours in the capital and in other major cities. The anti-government demonstrations are some of the fiercest Turkey has seen in years.

In Istanbul, the offices of the ruling AK Party were set alight.

On Sunday night health officials said 485 protesters had been treated in hospital since Friday and more than 1700 people had been arrested but most were said to have been later released.

The protests began four days ago as a sit-in to prevent the redevelopment of a park in Istanbul, but the heavy-handed response by police angered the demonstrators. Rallies and clashes have since spread across the country.

A growing discontent with government attempts to put an Islamist stamp on Turkey’s secular constitution appears to be fuelling the unrest.