Nailed it! Hungarian man builds wooden car

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Nailed it! Hungarian man builds wooden car

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“I love to work with wood. And I like to create unique things, which attract interest from people,” says Istvan Puskas, a 51-year old Hungarian agricultural worker who has created a car almost entirely out of wood.

The frame, axles, gears and even the fuel tank — which was fashioned from an old beer barrel — are made of wood. The only non-wooden parts are the engine- which is from a Fiat 126-, the Mercedes-Benz steering wheel and the windscreen.

He spent over four months on the project in his workshop in Tiszaors, in the Great Hungarian Plains. Puskas said the long winter gave him plenty of time to design and build the wooden wonder in which he was encouraged by his wife.

“I started to work on it at Christmas and it took me four months to finish it. This kept me busy during the winter time,” he said.

“There’s not much to do here,” his wife Iren admitted. “It’s much better than spending the winter at the pub.”

Last year, her husband made a fully functioning wooden motorcycle. That took him one year to built.

Although the car cannot be officially registered, local police have allowed him to drive it around the roads in his village. But not for much longer: Puskas has put the wooden car on the market, with a view to using the proceeds to fund his next project – a three wheeled vehicle.

“I have no place to store it. I have no garage, I have nothing. It can be good for a collector, for somebody who likes nostalgia, for somebody who likes to drive slowly, “ he said.