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Flooding in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria
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The month of June normally heralds the official arrival of summer, but parts of central Europe find themselves struggling with floods.

In the historic centre of Prague, the mayor has warned residents may have to be evacuated from their homes if the River Vitava gets any higher. 300 soldiers are helping to build temporary barriers and pile sandbags around buildings. Another 2000 are on standby.

The Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency for most of the nation. At least two people have died and several others are missing.

Patients have already been evacuated from a hospital under threat from the rising water. Animals have also been rehoused from the city zoo.

Southern and Eastern Germany have also been affected. Three rivers meet here at the city of Passau. Some have resorted to using boats to get around the streets.

And in Austria, torrential rain has caused widespread flooding and landslides, forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes.

Train lines have been closed in affected areas.

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