Turkey protesters ignore Erdogan call for end to demonstrations

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Turkey protesters ignore Erdogan call for end to demonstrations

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Demonstrations against the Turkish government continued overnight and into Sunday, as thousands of people took part in a wave of protest in several different cities.

For the second day Ankara has seen a significant amount of the unrest. Several hundred people in the capital were
reported injured.

By early morning the streets there and in Istanbul were quieter compared to the previous night.

But more than 900 people have been arrested in over 90 different demonstrations around the country, according to the government. Doctors say many more have been injured.

On Saturday afternoon police pulled back their armoured trucks from the park at Taksim in Istanbul. Thousands of protesters remained there afterwards in jubilation, ignoring the prime minister’s calls for an end to the demonstrations.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has admitted “mistakes” in the police response to the unrest and promised that complaints will be investigated.

Many have been shocked at the repression. Tear gas, water cannon and pepper spray have been used. Amnesty International described the use of force as brutal.

The protests began in Istanbul against plans to redevelop a park. They have revealed a panorama of grievances at the way Turkey is run.

Some compare the authoritarianism of the ruling party to a dictatorship.

The prime minister insists it is committed to secularism despite its roots in political Islam.