Scuffles with police at Frankfurt protests

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Scuffles with police at Frankfurt protests

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Police used batons and pepper spray to break up a small group of activists, who were throwing stones and smoke bombs, during a second day of anti-capitalist demonstrations in Frankfurt.

Around 7,000 ‘Blockupy’ protesters demonstrated their opposition to the austerity measures sweeping Europe in response to the financial crisis.

Katya Kipping, of Germany’s Die Linke party, said the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank was partly to blame: “These protests are also aimed against the ECB, because it is at the heart of the European crisis response.”

“We think that what the Troika, ‘Merkel and Co’, want to make us believe – ie. that one needs to cut on expenses to get out of the crisis – is wrong. We believe that cuts in social expenses and incomes will lead us further into crisis. That’s why we say ‘no’ and want the banks to be held responsible,” Kipping continued.

The march was diverted before it could get close to the ECB’s headquarters.