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Smiths come back down to Earth


Smiths come back down to Earth

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Henry and Peter Fonda, Walter and John Huston, Kirk and Michael Douglas, Donald and Keifer Sutherland, Martin and Charlie Sheen – Hollywood has provided us with numerous father-son combos.

Few have had the opportunity to actually work together but, following on from the success of their 2006 hit collaboration ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, Will and Jaden Smith appear to making something of a habit out of it.

‘After Earth’ is their third outing in the same film and tells the story of how humans fled a bankrupted planet 1,000 years ago, only for the Smiths to return and find it inhabited by monsters specifically bred to kill Homo sapiens.

Scientologists may recognise familiar maxims about overcoming fear and choosing choice throughout the movie, concepts and phrases which litter ‘Dianetics’ – a foundational text by the movement’s creator, L. Ron Hubbard. This is hardly surprising given the film’s two producers – Will Smith and his wife, Jada – are regular Scientology donors.

Plans for a franchise are already afoot, with filmmakers reportedly having written ’1,000 years of back story’ for these two characters, and their society.

‘After Earth’ is out now.

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