UN human rights resolution condemns Syria

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UN human rights resolution condemns Syria

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The UN’s human rights body has condemned Syria’s actions in the two-year conflict. In a US-backed resolution adopted in Geneva on Wednesday, they urged Bashar al-Assad’s regime to cease heavy weapons attacks against civilians. They also slammed the use of foreign combatants in Qusair, largely reported to be Lebanon’s Hezbollah members, without mentioning their name.

The Syrian representative in Geneva, Tamim Madani,denounced the decision saying, “It is a travesty that the executioner cries it’s a victim and that the executioner places itself as a judge and jury.”

The resolution has unsettled US-Russia relations and a planned peace conference for June. Meeting in Istanbul, the Syrian opposition have said they would only participate in such talks if Assad steps down.

“We are not putting preconditions over here. What we are setting – what we are trying to do is to set the right framework to have meaningful negotiations. We don’t want to give Bashar al-Assad more time to kill more Syrians,” declared Syrian National Coalition spokesman Khaled Saleh.

In separate developments, the US have called on Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters to withdraw from Syria. The State Department said that their involvement on the side of Assad marked a dangerous broadening of the conflict which has already killed 80,000.