Heavy fighting rages for control of key Syrian border town

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Heavy fighting rages for control of key Syrian border town

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The battle to control the key Syrian town of Qusair is continuing amid renewed reports of chemical weapon attacks by government forces.

Amateur video footage, which can not be verified appears to show heavy fighting around the strategic border town as rebels face air and ground assaults from Hezbollah guerrillas.

According to some activists, the Lebanese fighters, who are supporting President Assad, are advancing in areas around Qusair.

Rebel reinforcements from elsewhere are said to be
trying to relieve the pressure but their attacks have been bogged down on the outskirts.

A rebel fighter filmed by a French television station claimed he was a victim of a chemical weapon attack in and around Saraqeb.

Speaking afterwards Faris Kosa said: “I thought that my lungs were exploding. I fell and couldn’t breath. I was blinded. Everything around me was black.”

Both sides have accused the other of using chemical weapons. According to one opposition group, many of the fighters affected by the attack had recovered sufficiently to return to battle, suggesting its severity had been limited.