Germany and Spain launch a youth jobs initiative

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Germany and Spain launch a youth jobs initiative

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Germany and Spain have signed a deal to put 5,000 young Spaniards into German apprenticeships.

The initiative aims to help reduce a chronic unemployment rate where over half of Spain’s under 25-year-olds are out of work.

It follows an experiment where a town in Bavaria with a shortage of skilled workers recruited from Padron in Spain’s Galicia region.

Electrician Angel Morales was one of twelve who was offered a job.

“I am very happy, and happy getting to know other people and another way of working, and at the moment I’m liking it.”

Manager Bernd Birke of “Birke electric GmbH” said:

“Nobody knew what the reaction in Spain was going to be. Nobody had any previous experience with such a project, or whether it would be successful. But the feedback we got was positive and overwhelming.”

Despite initial language difficulties – one year on and ten of the twelve workers have been given open-ended contracts and have remained in Germany.