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France rules the electro-waves

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France rules the electro-waves

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Famous for assimilating the trappings of industrial rock, punk and metal into their propulsive house beats, French duo Justice have released their second live album, ‘Access All Arenas.’

Given they record all their shows for archiving purposes, and have a reputation for delivering intoxicating audio-visual spectacles, another live album was always likely. As Xavier de Rosnay, one half of the Gaelic pair, explained: “The thing is that it’s not a new album. It’s more like a ‘Best Of…’ of our first two albums and our first live album, because we already put one out before. For us it’s like back in the days when they were doing the greatest hits records or whatever, and this one is a bit like this. It’s just a sum-up of the seven first years we started to make music since our first record.”

The 14-track album was released earlier this month, and is already climbing the charts.

Should Justice reach the top, they will be following in the tracks of fellow countrymen, Daft Punk, who’s single ‘Get Lucky’ is already the best selling song of the year in the UK.

The single is taken from their ‘Random Access Memories’ album, which features disco pioneers like Nile Rodgers, indie-Gods such as Julian Casablanca, and R&B royalty like Pharrell Williams, and which is already on course to become the fastest selling album of 2013.

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