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Police search for attacker after French soldier stabbing in Paris

25/05/13 23:35 CET

A French soldier has been stabbed in a neck whilst he was patrolling La Defense area of Paris on Saturday. He was on patrol as part of the ‘Vigipirate’ anti-terrorist surveillance plan along with two other colleagues when he was attacked by an unknown man who fled the scene.

Though he lost a lot of blood, police say he will survive and is being treated in a nearby hospital.

French President François Hollande, on an official visit in Ethiopia, said that the attacker was still on the run and that police were exploring all leads.

“We ask our soldiers who do their work in difficult conditions as everybody knows – also during the ‘Vigipirate’ anti-terrorist surveillance plan – to be even more careful and if I can say vigilant,” said the President adding, “I hope for a swift recovery for this young man.”

French daily Le Parisien reported the attacker was possibly of North African origin. The country has been on high alert for Islamist attacks following its military intervention in Mali in January.

The incident comes just days after a British soldier was killed in London. French police are looking into whether it could be a copycat attack.

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