Volunteers travel to help Oklahoma clean-up after tornado

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Volunteers travel to help Oklahoma clean-up after tornado

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The recovery effort after the devastating tornado in the US state of Oklahoma earlier this week is being aided by hundreds of volunteers.

After seeing the destruction some people travelled long distances to help the victims in Moore.

Armed with brooms, mops and other tools they were organised into teams.

“This is such a tragedy, and I just felt for these people and I just hope that we can provide something to give them hope,” said one young woman.

Two primary schools were hit by the storm. One, Plaza Towers, was completely levelled. Seven children were killed, most of them suffocated after being buried as the building collapsed.

The local mayor has praised the media for alerting the public to the tornado before it struck.

“There were several hundred people in this building when this happened, so you’ve got to wonder how only seven people died in this school and how many people survived. How in the world could you possibly survive in a situation like this?” said the Mayor of Moore, Glen Lewis.

Federal grants are already available to help subsidise the cost of building storm shelters.

The mayor now says there are plans to make it compulsory for all new homes to have them.

President Obama is due to visit Moore on Sunday.