UK police arrest two new suspects in soldier murder

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UK police arrest two new suspects in soldier murder

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Two new suspects have been arrested by police investigating the violent killing of a British soldier in London on Wednesday.

A man and a woman, both 29, were being questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to murder, as the investigation widens to consider whether the Woolwich attack was part of a larger plot.

Six residential addresses are being searched: five in London and one in Lincoln.

Simon Byrne, Assistant Commissioner for London’s Metropolitan Police said: “It is too early to speculate about the motive. As you can appreciate, we have specialist officers from the counter-terrorism command investigating this awful crime and two suspects remain under armed guard in custody in hospitals in London.”

The two British men of Nigerian origin who were shot and arrested at the crime scene were known to the British intelligence agency MI5 but were not considered a serious threat.

“I think it reminds us how vulnerable we all are. But it also reminds us, by the response of the public, that we are not going to be cowed by this kind of terrorist action,” said British Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond.

As tributes pour in for the murdered man, Drummer Lee Rigby, police have announced that 1,200 extra police have been deployed in the British capital.

The lethal attack comes just one month after the Boston Marathon bombings, and marks the first alleged Islamist killing in the UK since suicide bombers ended the lives of 52 people in London in 2005.