World more dangerous for refugees - Amnesty

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World more dangerous for refugees - Amnesty

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Refugees and migrants are facing increasing dangers, according to a new report from Amnesty International.

The human rights organisation says the millions who have fled war or discrimination are being denied their legal entitlements.

President of Amnesty International France, Geneviève Garrigos says too many countries are violating human rights in the name of immigration control

“The international community has to be more responsible. We have the right to ask ourselves where does sovereignty lie – with the government or the people?”

Over the last year Amnesty says it has documented violations of the right of freedom of speech, cases of torture and ill treatment and says the death penalty is still applied in 21 countries.

The Amnesty International report notes that in 2012 the situation in Syria worsened, with the international community failing to stop the killing.