Ukraine: Journalists reportedly stripped of media access after protest

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Ukraine: Journalists reportedly stripped of media access after protest

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A group of Ukrainian journalists has reportedly been barred from government meetings, after they staged a silent protest.

They demonstrated over physical attacks on two colleagues, during a Cabinet of Ministers meeting in Kiev.

The group wore placards which read: “Today it’s a female journalist – tomorrow, your wife, sister, daughter.”

Ukraine’s prime minister Mykola Azarov called for the journalists to be stripped of their media access.

“What kind of show is this? I’d like to ask you not to turn the Cabinet of Ministers meeting into a circus,” he said during the meeting.

“If these are journalists, deny them of their accreditation. Write down each of their names and revoke their accreditation.”

One of the protesters, Nataliya Tarasovska, said:
“With these words we just wanted to show the government that we want an objective investigation and for those who are responsible for the attack and obstructing our colleagues to be punished.”

The two journalists who were assaulted claim they were beaten by backers of President Viktor Yanukovich, when supporters and opponents briefly clashed at a rally in the capital on Saturday.

Police are investigating the allegations.