Tornado survivors begin rebuilding homes and lives

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Tornado survivors begin rebuilding homes and lives

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Survivors of Monday’s massive tornado which flattened the town of Moore in Oklahoma have been picking over what’s left of their homes to see if anything can be salvaged.

With at least 24 dead including 10 children, and more than 240 injured, some seriously, locals have realised just what their priorities are.

“Just a few walls that are on the ground, but we were able to save our family, that’s the most important,” said Moore resident Justin Stefon.

The town’s mayor, Glenn Lewis is one of many showing that the spirit to rebuild rather than to leave the region known as Tornado Ally remains strong:

“Where would we go? This is home. Yes, we will build it back, we will probably put safe rooms in all of them to make sure everybody is okay. Everywhere you go there is some kind of disaster but this is home. So we are going to rebuild.”

Harrowing tales have emerged of fear as the tornado approached and of how most of the children who died did so from suffocation when the roof of their school collapsed on them.

Experts have said trauma counselling for their surviving classmates will also be a necessity.

As rescue workers made their final sweep through the ruins making sure no one was left beneath the debris, others have already begun the next stage of putting Moore back on the map.