Major diplomatic push underway over Syria

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Major diplomatic push underway over Syria

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A major diplomatic push is underway for negotiations to end the civil war in Syria.

International mediator Lakhdar Brahimi says both government and opposition are ready to meet in Geneva in June. However President Bashar al-Assad has already poured scorn on the idea.

Plans for the talks will be announced in Jordan on Wednesday.

Speaking in Cairo, former Syrian National Coalition President Moaz-al Katib described the suffering of the Syrian people is “unprecedented” and said as a result, the opposition forces are not opposed to finding a solution to the crisis.

But, he added, this must not mean more sacrifices for the Syrian people.

The Arab League, meanwhile, has called for an end to what it says are “criminal acts” in Qusair.
Fierce battles have raged there for the past three days between the Syrian Army and rebel forces.
In rebel hands for over a year, the town is the target of a government offensive.