Golf War

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Golf War

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The war of words between Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia has intensified in recent days. What began as a disagreement during The Players Championship two weeks ago has turned hostile.

The Spaniard complained he was distracted by Tiger while trying to hit the ball on the second hole of the course.

A reporter asked Woods: “I almost hate to bring this up but the thing with Sergio the other week. A lot of people looking in…it appeared so petty…Is there any thought of just calling him and saying ‘Let’s chill. We don’t need to be going back and forth about this anymore?”

Tiger Woods’s one-word reply: “No!”

Sergio García said “Well, who do you not get along with and I’ll ask you the same question. I mean obviously you can’t like everybody. I think that there’s people that you connect with and there’s people that you don’t and it’s pretty much as simple as that. So I think that he doesn’t need me in his life and I don’t need him in mine and let’s move on and let’s keep doing what we’re doing. “

Woods has appeared hurt by a comment made by Garcia’s about serving him fried chicken, a reference often associated with racial stereotypes of African Americans. Woods tweeted that the comment was “wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate”.

Garcia has since apologised for the comment which, he said, was a joke and not meant to be racist.

Woods is confident that Garcia regrets the remark and his tweet continued “it’s long past time to move on and talk about golf”