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Phoenix rise again with new album

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Phoenix rise again with new album

French rock band Phoenix are back with a new studio album.

Vocalist Thomas Mars said: “I guess we’re perfectionists in the way that when we make an album, we know it’s going to last. It’s important that it’s exactly how we want it to be. We take a lot of time doing this. But when the record is done, it’s all about imperfection. It’s all about playing live. One night you play a terrible show. One night you play a good show.”

He added: “We don’t write on tour. So we start from scratch in the studio. It’s songs from the last two-and-a-half years. It’s normal for us. It’s the right amount of time to be disconnected and get ready to go back the real world.”

Phoenix will be playing the European music festival circuit this summer in support of their album.

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