Iranian film 'Le Passé' has Palme d'Or in its sights

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Iranian film 'Le Passé' has Palme d'Or in its sights

Iranian film 'Le Passé' has Palme d'Or in its sights
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Though the rain continued to pour in Cannes, the competition is heating up for the sought after Palme d’Or prize Saturday saw the turn of Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s latest movie ‘Le Passé’ (The Past).

It tells the story of Marie (played by Bérénice Bejo) torn between the past with her ex-husband (Ali Mosaffa) and her future husband (Tahar Rahim) whom her her daughter strongly disapproves of.

Filmed in France it is the first movie the Oscar winning director shot outside his native Iran. Speaking no French Farhadi worked with an assistant who translated his direction with the actors on-set.

“I tried not to see it as an obstacle, but I tried to make it into an opportunity and to take advantage of it,” he explained.

“At first there were many concerns about it and my team thought it might be risky, but fortunately as were the were shooting together, we changed it into an asset,” he added.

After playing a silent move star in ‘The Artist’, French actress Bérénice Bejo relished the opportunity to let loose with words as the character in the centre of a tricky relationship drama.

“To be able to explode like this on the screen and get all the negative energy out of me in a movie character is rather pleasant,” admitted the French actress.

Asked by euronews correspondent Wolfgang Spindler if she would like to take the opportunity to get rid of her negative energy in front of our cameras, Bejo responded by screaming wildly.

Reporting from outside the Palais des Festivals Spindler added:

“The latest movie of Asghar Farhadi is certainly amongst the hottest contenders for this year’s Palme d’Or. Bérénice Bejo is very likely to be on top of the list for an award for her performance in the female lead role.”