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  • Syria: the Russian Defence ministry says 200 insurgents were killed in the attack on headquarters of Liva Al-Haq group in Syria according to RIA news agency
  • Syria: the Russian Defence ministry claims to have hit 60 ISIL targets in the last 24 hours in Syria (RIA news agency)
  • Bavaria threatens to take German government to court over refugees
  • Fifagate: Swiss Federal office justice says has approved the extradition of Costas Takkas to the USA
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The UN General Assembly has condemned Syrian regime forces and praised the country’s opposition.

Although the Qatar-drafted resolution was passed, it was given less support than a similar declaration last year.

Diplomats think it is a sign of growing unease about extremism among Syria’s rebel movement. There is also a perception that foreign governments are engineering a regime change.

“Adopting this resolution will send a clear message that the political solution we all seek is the best way to end the suffering of the people of Syria,” said
Rosemary Dicarlo, US Deputy Ambassador to the UN.

“We support this resolution, have co-sponsored it and urged member states to vote in favour of it.”

Alexander Pankin, Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN, added: “This document, just like the two similar documents adopted in 2012, is clearly a one-sided text. The full responsibility for the tragic development of events is being put on the shoulders of the Syrian government.”

Meanwhile, rebels have reportedly launched an assault on a prison in the northern city of Aleppo.

It is claimed some were injured or killed when government forces fought back.

Anti-government activists are said to be among the inmates held at the jail.

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