Texas homeless describe their ordeal after deadly tornadoes

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Texas homeless describe their ordeal after deadly tornadoes

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Flattened homes and fences, trees and debris scattered across yards, that is what remains of North Texas. 20,000 homes and businesses are thought to still be without power after 10 violent tornadoes slammed into several small communities there Wednesday evening, local time.

At least six people have been killed. Names of the victims haven not yet been released but authorities have confirmed they were all adults. Dozens have been injured and hundreds left homeless.

Granbury city was hit the worst as the tornado ripped through two neighborhoods. 90 people have been evacuated there.
Gripping hold of her 9 month old daughter, Granbury resident Elizabeth Tovar describes the moment her and her family ran for cover:

“We were all, like, hugging in the bathtub and that’s when it started happening. I heard glass shattering and I knew my house was going. And we looked up and then, like, on top of the bathtub the whole ceiling was gone. And that was when we knew we were, we were probably gone, we were in trouble.”

Rescue workers are continuing to comb through wreckage searching for the seven people thought to be missing.