Man shoots himself dead in Paris nursery school

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Man shoots himself dead in Paris nursery school

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In France a man has shot himself dead in front of a group of children in a nursery school in Paris.

According to reports, the man, believed to be in his 60s, entered the school in the 7th arrondissement with a sawn-off shotgun before committing suicide in front of a dozen children and one adult.

The shooting occurred at a private Catholic school, which teaches from nursery to high school level, at around midday when the children were leaving for their lunch.

One young boy told reporters he was “very frightened”, adding, “I thought there were terrorists who had guns and were coming into the school. Then I saw the man on the ground with a lot of blood.”

No information has yet been released about the man’s identity or motives.

A psychological team has been brought into the school to help the children who have been affected by the shooting.

French Education Minister Vincent Peillon has returned early from a trip to Brussels to visit the school.