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Saskia Sassen scoops Spain’s Asturias award for Social Sciences
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Urban sociologist Saskia Sassen has won Spain’s prestigious Asturias award for Social Sciences.

The 64-year-old’s work focuses on globalisation, immigration, new technologies and changes that result from transnational conditions.

The head of the jury Aurelio Menedez described her research and writing as being well worthy of international prestige. She has made an enormous contribution to social, economic and political studies of globalisation.

Sassen, who was born in the Netherlands, is widely credited with creating the term “global city” – which refers to a city that plays a significant worldwide economic role, from the organisation of finance to new forms of socio-economic inequality.

More recently, she has been named as co-director of Columbia University’s Committee on Global Thought and is this year hosts its second annual conference called “Cities and Eco-Crises.”

It is only the third time that the coveted Prince of Asturias Social Science has been awarded to a woman.

Last year’s prize was won by American philosopher Martha Nussbaum, the 64-year old who specialises in Greek and Roman philosophy as well as political philosophy and ethics.

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