Moscow: Lenin's mausoleum reopens to public

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Moscow: Lenin's mausoleum reopens to public

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Vladimir Lenin’s tomb reopened to the public on May 15, after months of renovation to repair its sinking foundations.

Nestled into the Kremlin walls on the edge of Moscow’s Red Square, the mausoleum has housed the embalmed remains of the Soviet leader since soon after his death in 1924.

A popular tourist attraction, there was a queue at the tomb as it reopened.

Masha, a nine-year-old schoolgirl explained her visit was like: “It was a bit scary, but then I calmed down. He’s dead after all. He’s not going to attack us like a ghost.”

American tourist Tami said: “From what I’ve read, we’re not sure if it’s actually even Lenin that we’re seeing or if it’s a wax figure. I mean that’s what I’ve read, you know, because how is it possible to keep him so well preserved and embalmed all these years? So maybe it was him, maybe it wasn’t.”

The restoration reignited a long-standing debate about whether Lenin should finally be buried, in keeping with Russian Orthodox tradition.