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Something for everyone at Frieze Art Fair in NY

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Something for everyone at Frieze Art Fair in NY

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The Frieze Art Fair in New York has been keeping New Yorkers amused and giving them plenty to talk about.

The director of the Frieze Art Fair, Matthew Slotover, summed it up: “There’s a huge array of art here from all over the world and I don’t believe there are any dominating themes right now. I think you’ll see art that’s painting, sculpture, but also photography, installation, performance, video, a massive range.

“Really it’s really difficult these days to draw out themes because there are so many artists doing so many different things in so many different parts of the world. That’s the beauty of an art fair, you see a massive range of things that are going on. You might like some of it you might not like some of it but this really represents everything that’s going on in the world, right now.”

Works include a giant inflatable dog by Paul McCarthy and a wide selection of work by Asian artists including a piece entitled ‘Buying Everything on You’ by young Chinese artist Liu Chuang.

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