Pakistan: Sharif reaches out to India

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Pakistan: Sharif reaches out to India

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Poised to become Pakistan’s prime minister for a third time, Nawaz Sharif has made improving relations with India a clear priority.

Speaking at a press conference in Lahore, Sharif said he had a “long chat” with India’s Prime Minister Monmohan Singh on May 12 about how to address the “fears” on both sides. He added that Singh would be welcome at his inauguration.

Sharif and his Muslim League party look to have won a decisive victory in the country’s general election on May 11. Official results have not yet been finalised.

Sharif’s set to take on the country’s many security challenges, which include a Taliban insurgency. Local media reports that around 190 people were killed in militant attacks on election day and during the bloody campaign that led up to it.

There have been several allegations of election fraud. Pakistani television has been broadcasting amateur video, which purports to show ballot stuffing by voters in Karachi.