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Aftershock shakes


Aftershock shakes

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Aftershock is a Chilean film by Nicolás López; a fictional account of the results of an earthquake as everyone struggles for survival. The film was inspired by the 2010 earthquake in Chile and contains graphic images.

Eli Roth who co-wrote and acted in the film, said: “I’m making a horror movie, I’m telling you it’s fake, you can watch everything about the behind-the-scenes of how it’s done, but guess what? The real world is a very violent and very dangerous place and this is what happens when there’s an earthquake and when prisons open and people escape.”

The director Nicolas Lopez said that the most graphic violence happens off-screen: “Everything happens off-screen, and I think that when you show things off-screen they’re always worse than when you show them, because it all happens in your mind. And there’s nothing you can do about it, because your mind takes you to really dark places.”

The violence includes huge amounts of gore, plus rape, offensive language, drug-use and nudity – elements that have perhaps contributed to the mixed reviews the film has received.

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