The ''United'' States of Manchester

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The ''United'' States of Manchester

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In the football diaspora beyond the Atlantic, international fans of Manchester United followed Sir Alex Ferguson’s last home game (2-1 win over Swansea) with mixed feelings.

In Washington DC’s Lucky Bar, a regular hangout for football aficionados, supporters were torn between their love and affection for the “boss”, and the new era of the unknown.

United fans from Ireland, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Kenya and the US gathered to celebrate Ferguson’s final home game at Old Trafford, displaying a truly global loyalty for Manchester United.

One supporter from Iran said: ‘‘We have to adjust to it. An era has ended, another era begins.’‘ While another from the US said: ‘‘Being a Man Utd fan is just about lovin’ the sport. And everything that encompasses, the style of play and just the enthusiasm of it.’‘

Euronews correspondent in Washington DC Stefan Grobe added: ‘‘America has no football tradition whatsoever, they even call it soccer. For the real fans, Manchester United is a surrogate religion and Ferguson’s farewell a very emotional affair.’‘