Spain's Indignados movement holds anniversary march

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Spain's Indignados movement holds anniversary march

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A silent protest has been held in Madrid to mark the second anniversary of Los Indignados – or “the indignant ones.”

Spain’s grassroots protest movement began in 2011 and inspired sit-in demonstrations elsewhere in Europe and in America.

Although it was born under the previous socialist government, members also protest the policies of Spain’s current conservatives.

“I’m here because, two years later, things are worse. We demanded social rights, and we’re actually losing them,” said one demonstrator.

Another added: “I think everybody who is really concerned about people and not about other interests, should be here. We’re fighting to make everything fairer and to look after ourselves.”

Protesters gathered at three points in Madrid on Sunday before marching to the central square.

Almost five million Spaniards were registered as unemployed last month. The country has the second highest jobless rate in the EU.