Israel PM cancels $127,000 air-beds

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Israel PM cancels $127,000 air-beds

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Israel’s Prime Minister has said he will stop asking for a double bed to be installed on airplanes taking him on short flights in Europe, after the practice was brought to light by Israeli media.

His announcement at the weekend came after an Israeli TV channel revealed the Prime Minister’s Office asked for a double bed to be set up in an plane taking Netanyahu to London for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

The refitting came at a cost of more than $127,000 (97,000 euros) to Israeli taxpayers

The Prime Minister’s Office says Netanyahu never personally asked for a double bed on the flight and was not aware of the request. A spokesperson explained “It is important that he sleeps well in order to comply with complex tasks, but it’s possible to do so at a much lower cost, and this is what will be done.”

At a time of severe budget restrictions at home, this is not the first time Netanyahu has been forced into tightening the purse strings: earlier this year he had to cancel a contract with an ice-cream parlour after it emerged he had run up a bill of $2,700 (2,077 euros) on ice-cream, again paid for by the taxpayer.