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Turkey claims wounded Syrians show signs of chemical attack


Turkey claims wounded Syrians show signs of chemical attack

Syrian government forces appear to be continuing their shelling according to this unverified footage from Kafr Batna near Damascus.

It is not known how many died in the bombardment.

Meanwhile in the international world, momentum is growing concerning the issue of chemical weapons. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as claimed tests show signs of use on civilians.

“ Recently there were certain allegations, where in some attacks chemical weapons were being used. We took it very seriously, and from that time until now, we have been making tests for those people who are coming from this particular region, and we have some indications regarding chemical weapons being used.”

The use of chemical weapons can only intensify the plight of civilians trying to escape the violence.

A wary Washington has also said there is “strong evidence” that the US president’s ‘red line’ in this conflict had been crossed.


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