French medics offer vital pre-natal care for Syrian refugees

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French medics offer vital pre-natal care for Syrian refugees

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Zaatari refugee camp on the Syria, Jordan border….it’s where some 120,000 Syrians who have fled the conflict, currently call home.

Among them are between three to five thousands pregnant women all seeking pre-natal care.

Francis Colasson, who is head of the mission says his rotating team of two doctors, four midwives and a logistical assistant delivers up to ten babies a day. What made them all come to Zaatari?

“Firstly, because it’s real medicine. It’s real human medicine. And in the context of a war, which is something that we don’t normally deal with. It’s an extraordinary human experience, but also an interesting professional one. The problem is that the budgets are so limited and we are doing this job with very few resources but we are doing the best we can.”

Rasha who is a mother of three from Jasin, near the Syrian city of Deraa, came to Zaatari 40 days ago. She gave birth to her daughter Leel earlier this week. Today she is back at the French clinic as Leel is showing signs of dehydration.

“At this clinic the medical facilities are not bad,” said the young mother. “The doctors take good care of us and hopefully they always will do. They are all so willing to become involved and are interested.

It’s much better here than in Syria. The midwives are wonderful – I have never received such attention.

I hope things get better eventually back home ..but my fear is that even if we stay here or we go back things are still going to be difficult for us.”