Canadian mobsters killed by Sicilian mafia

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Canadian mobsters killed by Sicilian mafia

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Two senior members of the Canadian mafia have been murdered in western Sicily. The bodies of Juan Ramon Fernandez, and Fernando Pimental were found in a waste dump. It is thought the they had both been hit by at least 30 bullets in a ‘mafia style’ shooting.

Fernandez, moved from Toronto to Sicily in June 2012 after a ten-year prison sentence in Canada. Police were monitoring his activities as part of an investigation into ties between Canadian and Sicilian mafia. They found out that Pimental arrived in Palermo a few weeks ago to join Fernandez 57, who was living a double life as a martial arts instructor, to mask his mob activities.

Two Sicilian mafia brothers, Pietro and Salvatore Scaduto have been arrested in connection with the double murder.