Teenager killed in Marseilles drug violence

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Teenager killed in Marseilles drug violence

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In a sign of rising drug-related violence in France’s second largest city, a 17 year-old has been killed.

The teenager was shot more than 20 times with a nine-millimetre automatic pistol.

Marseilles Prosecutor Christophe Barret said that gang rivalries were at the root of the crime:

“This was an incident to do with score-settling, a premeditated murder committed by two determined men using high calibre weapons,” Barret said.

Marseilles, which is France’s second largest city, has been plagued by a wave of shootings in recent years. There have been six so far in 2013 according to police.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told reporters: “There is no doubt sometimes a feeling of powerlessness and fatalism about these killings. But the murders mustn’t detract from the background work we are doing to reclaim territories, to bring security to Marseilles.”

The crime wave has reached such levels that last year a local official called for the military to be sent in and the government formed a task force to tackle it.