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Eurovision: Ukraine's Golden Fire

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Eurovision: Ukraine's Golden Fire

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27-year-old Zlata Ognevich is a very beloved celebrity in Ukraine. She is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest. Her first attempt was in 2010 where she finished fifth in the Ukrainian national final. Last year, Zlata took part in the Ukrainian national selection where her unique entry “The Kukushka” came second. This year, Zlata will have the honour of representing her country again, this time in Malmö.

Zlata was born in Murmansk, Russia. Her family later moved to Ukrainian peninsula Crimea. Since then two passions appeared in Zlata’s life: the mountains and the sea. And a little bit later the third one: music. Zlata Ognevich is a stage name: Zlata means “gold”, ognevych – “fire”.

She says: “Zlata Ongevich is sort of a tribute to my father, who is from the South of Ukraine and has mixed-blood origin: Italian, Serbian, Hungarian. This is why I picked “ognevych”, which means ‘fire’.”

Zlata puts in a lot of hours at the studio, where she loves to experiment. A huge part of Zlata’s success comes from working with gifted composer and producer Mikhail Nekrasov and his team.

According to British bookmakers, Zlata is in with a good chance of coming second at this year’s Eurovision. However, she prefers not to think about places at all – she says she’ll concentrate on the song instead.

She says: “I’m heading to Sweden with a very positive attitude and I’m not thinking about what result I’ll get. When you think you’re the best, and in first place, you’ll never win – at least this is how it works for me. I going to focus on the song. Nothing else but music. All I want is for people to be amazed by it and remember it.”

Zlata Ognevic will perform the song “Gravity” on the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14. The Eurovision final will take place on May 18.

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