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After decades of singing covers, Rod Stewart has released a new album of original material called “Time”.

Rod Stewart said: “It was probably the longest writer’s block in history, you know, 20-odd years. But it wasn’t self-imposed. It was maybe a lack of confidence. Songwriting always used to be you know like work for me. It was never a pleasure. It was never a joy. It was like being at school. But now I finally enjoy it. You know my wife will tell you, I’m getting up in the middle of the night and writing down lyrics and just inspired, you know.”

Rod Stewart has been married to Penny Lancaster for six years and many of the new tracks – 11 out the 12 on the album were written by Rod Stewart – deal with his personal life. Rod Stewart will be touring this summer to promote his new album Time.

Depeche Mode have started their world tour with a date in Tel Aviv. They are promoting their new album Delta Machine. The tour will include 34 European dates before they head over the Atlantic to North America.

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